Thursday, May 28, 2009

'Email' the next big thing in social media? Huh?

My Pareto Fundraising colleagues and I contribute to the blog over at Professional Fundraising.

Today as I was checking the latest posts from fellow bloggers, I was taken by Jonathan Waddingham's post. Not just because we share the same name, but because his entry was interesting.

Jonathan's entry entitled Email – the (old) new media caught my eye.

The gist of it was that disciplined, strong and well executed fundraising emails were at the moment were more powerful than the potential of stuff like twitter and facebook.

In his words, "A well written email, sent at the right time, to the right person, telling the right story is an incredibly powerful tool for any charity."

Well said.

Anyway, it's an interesting post, and reinforces the importance of doing direct marketing things right, and in a disciplined fashion, before getting really excited and rushing off to start 'tweeting'.

I'm off to AFP Toronto's Fundraising Day tomorrow. I look forward to bringing some interesting bits and pieces that we can all learn from.


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