Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bookmarking some cool stuff to help you become a better fundraiser

I often try and remind myself that blogging isn't just a forum for me to rant. Ok, well most of the time it is..

I digress.

Today I wanted to share some useful fundraising and direct marketing resources to check out.

Some blogs to have fun with

There are the obvious sites you may be familiar with, like Donor Power Blog and The Agitator, both brilliant because they have interesting, sometimes challenging and always up to date stuff on there.

Another one that you may not know about but that I'd also suggest checking out is Ted Grigg's blog. It has a direct marketing (not necessarily fundraising) bias. Really practical backed up with lots of data. Worth some of your time spent here.

Of course, I also have a list of a few other favorites posted on the right hand side of the page here and it would be remiss of me to give them a shameless plug.

A book you need to get your hands on

A good mate and colleague Jon Duschinsky just released his book, philanthropy in a flat world. Jon talks about the challenges we face as fundraisers today and conversely the opportunities we are presented with living in a 'flat world'.

In particular I love the part where Jon talks about how charities really need to rationalize and decide what the hell they really are better than anyone else at and how they should focus on that, and that only. There is a great case study to back up his views on this.

A website that's a must to follow

You can't go past SOFII, the showcase of fundraising innovation and inspiration. If you haven't yet registered for this FREE site with LOADS of great fundraising and communications bits and pieces, then do it now.

You'll find campaigns from charities all over the world, commentary and opinion from some of the world's leading fundraisers and if I haven't mentioned it already, it's all available to you for FREE. Go and register now.

So there you go. No ranting today, just pointing out some resources to help you become a better fundraiser.


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