Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Data, data, data..

Yes I love it. Enough to blog about it at 5pm on a Monday afternoon.

But data doesn't have to be about spreadsheets and complicated models. That certainly doesn't press my buttons (although it might to Mr. Poindexter in the photo attached)..

Using data cleverly is about uncovering insights that allow you to make decisions to either reaffirm what you're currently doing or change something to make it work better (and raise more money).

It's topical for me now as I'm actually writing a regular column for Canadian Fundraising & Philanthropy around how to use data to grow your program.

So, two columns in and I thougtht I'd share them. Especially as when talking about data I recently promised to "make it sound less daunting, more exciting"

The power of data: fueling program growth with donor information

The power of data part 2: how looking around at others can raise more money for your cause

Let me know what you think.


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