Friday, December 24, 2010

Thank you from MSF

Just received this from Médecins Sans Frontières Canada and was compelled to share it.

A wonderful way to say thank you, through the use of a remarkable story.

Why is it so good?

- It wasn't about MSF, it was about me. And my partnership as a monthly donor. In fact 11 times, I heard the words you/you're.

- The timing was great. Just as we are winding down for the Holiday season, a timely reminder of why I support MSF. How do you think I go into 2011 feeling about the work they do?

- A story. Yes, a wonderful, warm and moving story about a beautiful little girl called Mirlanda. Shared by video.

- The email did all the things it should, and easily. All the good stuff before the fold, was viewable as a landing page if not through your email platform and I could share it with a friend.

- It bought me really close. Not just through Mirlanda's story, but by showing me the sign made by the people of Haiti. Love it.

- I was thanked six times in the email. And genuinely.

Hats off to the MSF team for inspiring me, and hopefully many others at the end of 2010. Keep up the amazing work helping people like Mirlanda.

For more thank you tips, check out an earlier post here.



Steve Smith said...

Thanks for this, Jonathon. A good example of a nonprofit getting the donor stewardship concept: making the thank you all about the donor, not about the charity.

Jonathon Grapsas said...

Spot on Steve. My pleasure by the way, I'm partial to really good examples of saying thank you.

Tara Lepp said...

Happy New Year Jonathon!
What a wonderful video which shows the children/people you are helping with your monthly donation. It definitely moved me. I think I may make a donation to MSF for the new year.

Jonathon Grapsas said...

Brilliant. If sharing this thank you has inspired one more wonderful person like yourself to give, job done. :) Thanks Tara.