Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday giving online

Here's some data showing the spread of gifts given online through the months of November and December, last year. The data is from Australia.

Of course this is linked to when push activity is happening, as you will see from the period around the 10th of November, and the same time in December. When many charities send their first and second waves of their Holiday appeal.

What's more enlightening however are the spikes in the days immediately prior to December 25.

Added to that is the following piece of data which shows an even more stark upward trend post December 25th.

It's important to note this is data from North America, and there is definitely some end of year tax sentiment attached.

So what does all of this mean?

For me there are two things:

- It indicates the tremendous value in end of year e-pushes attached to your other channels. If you're not incorporating multi layered approaches, you should be.

- It isn't too late to appeal immediately prior December 25 and December 31. Don't assume the Holiday period ends when the Christmas calendar tells you.

A final health warning attached: apply the same principles to your digital activity at this time as you would any offline approach. Be relevant, clear, compelling, and make the decision to donate and the action attached really, really easy to complete.


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