Saturday, September 25, 2010

Getting some end of year cash in the door

There have been some really good posts floating around the last few days focused on practical tips for your end of year push.

So, how do you get that cash in the door during the festive season? For many, the lifeblood of our organizations.

Rather than reinvent the wheel I'm going to re-hash an old post, ten copy tips for your next appeal.

However I'll add the following suggestions to give you the best chance to maximize cash gifts right now:

- Tell me the single most important thing (SMIT) that you need to tell me at this point in time. No superfluous information, no distractions. One thing, one thing now.

- Add some extra layers to your end of year push. Consider: pre appeal conference calls for a select group of donors, pre and post email "sandwiches", post appeal phone calls (a nice reminder that the end of the year is approaching and we have not reached our target).

- Promise to feedback post appeal as to the impact you've been able to impart. Then do it. Early January is a wonderful time to reflect on a year gone, and look ahead to the stuff that needs to happen this year.

- Don't sugar coat your appeal. Similar to point 5 in my earlier post, your job is to bring those who care (donors) closer to those in need (beneficiaries). We are not moral gatekeepers, we're fundraisers. Tell it as it is.

Good luck getting that all important cash in the door. And please, share your experiences.


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