Friday, September 10, 2010

Need v incompetence?

We really need the money. But we don't want to look like we are inept.

Thought about that before?

It's a valid concern.

In recent times I've had this conversation with several fundraisers. The discussion comes about when endeavoring to create more urgency to garner further support.

Naturally we think, how do we do that without looking incompetent? Even if you're bloody good at what you do, even the best in the world, this fear can arise.

My suggestions to counter this:

- Ask when you need the money, stop and feedback in between.
- Find the right times to show off your wares, announcing your successes.
- Do a terrific job explaining why you're unique and better than everyone else at least one thing.
- Ensure the execution of the ask is clear, concise and explains why you need help, right now.
- Get the balance right between asking (when there's a need) and non-asking (donor care).

Get these things sorted and the lifeblood of your organization, your supporters, won't question your work. They'll embrace it, and give time and time again.


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