Friday, July 3, 2009

Please, please share!

I’m currently in London to speak at the Institute of Fundraising Convention.

I love this conference, hence why it’s my sixth time here.

If I have to be picky though, there’s one thing that I always walk away disappointed in however (like most conferences) and that’s a lack of sharing. And by sharing I mean results/evidence/case studies.

I’m not sure if it’s an unwillingness, nervousness or perhaps even fear?

But let’s be honest. Sharing for ‘the greater good’ is exactly that. Often the fear to share is from those who have moved to the ‘third sector’ from the commercial world. And I can understand that, it’s a different space to operate in, culturally at least.

Coke don’t share their recipes with Pepsi, and why would they?

But we’re not Coke and Pepsi here.

We should be about increasing the size of the pie, or getting more from those within it. It isn’t about getting a bigger chunk. Wrong attitude. Seriously, we don’t have anything to lose from sharing. Of course we need to respect confidentiality (certainly as agencies on behalf of clients) but discussing the good, bad and the ugly from our programs can only benefit the sector.

And that means helping more beneficiaries.

So I’m imploring those at the Convention to open up and tell us:

• What’s worked, what hasn’t and what are you trying that you’re just not sure about?
• About some monumental stuff ups. I’ll buy you a drink in the bar if you do.
• About your latest results.
• About the latest test learning’s
• About others you know who are doing some kick ass stuff

Please, please, share with us. We need it to get the most value from the conference.

I promise I will during my session entitled How to Look at What Others Are Doing to Raise More Money


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