Thursday, November 6, 2008

Change, change, change

The key word in the US Presidential election.

And as I sat on my couch last night trying to come to grips with such a monumental occasion, I tried to put my finger on the key ingredient in Obama's campaign. (And of course, always trying to find something to blog about)!

And then it hit me. Consistency in message. Clarity. Single focus.

Yes there was some brilliant fundraising. And yes he captured the attention of millions of Americans, not to mention a record voter turnout (the biggest in America in 100 years).

But for me, Barrack Obama and his team kept it simple. And very focused. It was all about change.

In fact if you check out Obama's website today, just hours after the victory, plastered all over the site is that six letter word time and time again.

Consistency and clarity.

The change message encapsulates so many things. Change for the American people, change on their position in Iraq, change on climate change action, on economic reform.

But the Obama campaign has never missed a beat when ensuring that word (in case you missed it, it is change) is always at the heart of their messaging.

And as I have banged on about several times before, charities often fall foul on keeping a clear, consistent and single focused message.

Don't conflict or confuse donors. Let's learn from Obama's message and make some changes today!


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