Saturday, November 1, 2008

Are you tuned in?

I've just finished reading a great book called Tuned In, a really easy read about how to connect deeply with your customers, or in our case, donors.

But before you tune out, it's valuable for anyone, regardless of whether you are a fundraiser, work in an agency or any type of service delivery for that matter.

The book shows you six simple, but powerful ways to creating products, ideas or services that resonate with your buyers.

I love it because it changed my mindset, and when you're a tad stubborn like I can be, thats not easy to do.

The premise of the book is getting you to think about what your buyers, customers, whatever you call them want.. rather than you forcing upon them what you think they want.

So why am I blogging this?

Because I reckon for fundraisers this rings true. We often/mostly tell donors what we think they want to hear, rather than what they actually want to hear.

I'm not talking about asking them how often they want to be mailed (because that is destructive), but being Tuned In to what donors want to hear, what resonates with them and for these very special people, what empowers them.

I work with my clients on developing communications that are relevant, timely and incredibly personal. We ask donors questions about their motivations for support, what makes them tick and what they think about us.

Then we develop communications that reflect their individual desires.

So, don't become tuned out. And read Tuned In.

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