Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why I love the Greenpeace UK site

I'm constantly trawling the web looking for fundraising and action driven websites.

Look no further than Greenpeace UK. One of my fav's.

Here's where my love comes from:

It's focused. It becomes obvious really quickly what the Greenpeace team want me to do. That's to 'do something' by getting involved in one of their campaigns, or open my wallet.

Whenever you click through to any of their action or donation pages, each of them is coherent and clear. I'm left in no doubt as to what they want me to do. No distractions, no fuss. No worries.

It's clean. Well laid out, good use of white space, good web friendly fonts and design. The content has a nice balance between imagery and copy.

It's easy. I look at this from a "how painful is it for me to do what you're asking me' standpoint. And here it isn't difficult at all. Good navigation, solid search function in the top right hand corner, consistent labeling.

It feels right for Greenpeace. I'm not just talking look and feel, but the tone and the things they're asking me to do. If you had in your mind a picture of what the Greenpeace site would look like, and how it would do its job, this isn't far off the mark.

Below I took a screen shot of the homepage.

The blue highlights the action requests, the black where they've closed the loop providing feedback, the squiggle at the top the easily located and functional search box. The purple line showing where we may want to go a bit deeper to learn about Greenpeace's work, who they are etc.

Hats off to the Greenpeace UK gang. You make me want to keep coming back.


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