Monday, May 23, 2011

I've started my own agency..

After 12 years of working for some of the best agencies around the world, I decided it was time to set up my own.

And so flat earth direct was born.

flat earth direct is dedicated to fundraising and social action for good causes. Quite simply it’s about direct response, digital and campaigning stuff that results in real, tangible outcomes.

There are two distinct things I'm trying to do by setting this up.

1 Deliver the best results by bringing in the best people, regardless of location.
2 Work with organizations that really want to grow, particularly those who are usually handcuffed by smaller budgets.

We're going to be really focused on digital fundraising and marketing, all things direct response and advocacy stuff that supports the pointier end of campaigns.

Our website is a couple of weeks from being finished, but in the meantime if you want to find out a little more, here's how you can get in touch with me.

Jonathon Grapsas
flat earth direct
ph: +61 7 3311 6308
mob: +61 4 0447 5551
skype: jonathon.grapsas
twitter: @jonathongrapsas


Sara Mansfield said...

Congratulations and the very best, Jono. And I totally love the logo!

Lysh said...

I'm curious... what's the thinking behind the name?

Jonathon Grapsas said...

Thanks Sara - I like it too! :)

Jonathon Grapsas said...

Hi Lysh

The name was born out of the notion that we live increasingly in a flat world, where location becomes less relevant. I'd like to think this is the approach we'll adopt to our work; in other words we'll work with the people best placed to deliver for our clients, not necessarily those that are closest.

And more and more thats doable.


Pamela Grow said...

Congratulations Jonathon!

Jonathon Grapsas said...

Thanks Pamela!

Sara Mansfield said...

Love the name explanation, awesome! And soooo perfect.

Tasman said...

Nice one. Cool acronym too

Jonathon Grapsas said...

Thanks Sara and Tas!

Andrew said...

Congratulations, Jonathon, that's great news. Best wishes for all success.

Jonathon Grapsas said...

Thanks Andrew for the best wishes, much appreciated!