Friday, March 25, 2011

The mobile movement

Stumbled across this brilliant schematic yesterday which encapsulates perfectly the incredible shift in the mobile world.

It's time we accepted (granted, I know many of you have long ago) that our use of technology and the way we share content, communicate and transfer information has changed forever.

Consider some of these pieces of data, and alongside them 'thoughts' about what they mean for fundraisers:

- 1 in 4 mobile users have smart-phones globally (in Australia it's close to 1 in 2). Does your online approach consider the way people are viewing your content? Are you mobile enabled? If not, consider the barriers you're placing in front of your constituents.

- 86% of mobile internet users are using their devices while watching TV. Your supporters and prospects are becoming more and more distracted. Are you working specifically on 'sticky' material and messaging that cuts through? The 'traditional' way to evoke emotion and capture someone's attention may not have the same impact when American Idol is blaring in the background.

- Within three years mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage. The 17 inch monitor is becoming less and less relevant. It isn't simply about adjusting our creative for smaller screens or tablets, but thinking through how our shift in mobile behavior is impacting when and how we're viewing stuff. "I'll go online during my lunch break" is a far less used term. A shift in our online behavior dictates a shift in our online thinking and approach. The when, where and how has changed.

Who knows, I'll soon be crafting these posts on my mobile.


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