Friday, July 16, 2010

Two words to say to you

Thank you.

Two of the easiest words to say, often the two most neglected.

Not the case in this wonderful example of donor care shared by Doug Nelson and his team at the BC Cancer Foundation, to those who helped them most last year. Their donors.

The format? A fantastic two minute video repeating those very impactful words over and over. From staff, from beneficiaries.

I love this for its simplicity, personal touch and pragmatism.

In Doug's words, "Normally at this time, we would produce an Annual Report and mail it out to all of our donors. This year, we’ve done something different".


I wish more organizations would adopt this philosophy. It's not to say the financial stuff isn't important (it's contained within the micro site), but it isn't the focus.

Enough from me. Check it out.

Well done Doug and team. Thank you for sharing.


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