Saturday, July 31, 2010

Digital stuff that excites me

I just got back from the latest Bridge Conference in DC, which I have to say was top drawer stuff. Got some great value from this years event.

A must event for direct response fundraisers, so try and get along in 2011.

I was fortunate enough to speak there again, and talking about one of my fav topics, monthly giving.

My focus outside of this was definitely in the digital sessions and there were some enlightening sessions, particular from the folks on the commercial side sharing their wares.

I was most intrigued learning about intent data online, which is now second behind transactional data as seen by the most effective tool for digital marketers in driving sales.

I also learnt about Twitters plan to introduce sponsored tweets and about 're-targeting' (where you look for people who have visited your site previously in other spots once they've left your site).

All stuff that we're not paying enough attention to in the charity world.

Here are a few digital initiatives that I'm working with my brilliant clients on at the moment:

- An online survey aimed purely at retention of street recruited (younger) shortly after sign up, using the aid of a custom built micro site.

- A multi staged acquisition effort focused on driving traffic through digital means and using the phone as the primary conversion vehicle (to convert to monthly giving).

Prospecting will be geared initially around finding 'hand-raisers' (people who have previously done 'something') - and then moving them along to do something else, another action, before asking for a financial commitment. We'll also be trailing a series of other prospecting approaches including Google AdWords campaigns (where the CTA is based on action at first, followed by a donation request), and paid online advertising. We'll definitely be looking into the use of intent data to help us better place relevant ads.

- More website optimization efforts which will focus on more effective data capture, specifically looking at the best way to get people signed up to getting more information from you. Again looking at ways to solicit hand-raisers initially, testing ways to convert to a larger commitment thereafter.

Thats it for the week. Watch this space.


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