Friday, January 29, 2010

One of my favorite donor care letters

This is one of my favorite donor care letters. (This is only the first four paragraph's in a four page letter. You can click on the image to make it larger).

To uncover the power of this piece, see the letter again below, this time with some copy highlighted.

The beauty of this becomes a little clearer. In the first few paragraph's 15 references to Sean, the donor, and the signatory, in this case Lisa, the Fundraising Director.

The letter:

- Is genuine in it's thanks for Sean's support

- It's incredibly personal. As well as the colloquial language, you'll notice the red copy here, which indicates the variable copy, based on Sean's personal information, including how long he has been supporting for

- It tells a story. Lisa tells Sean about an amazing young woman called Anna

- It demonstrates a link between Sean's gift and the difference Sean is making. (The letter goes on to give more tangible examples of how Sean is helping to change lives)

You'll notice I haven't mentioned the organization's name. Deliberately, as it isn't about the organization, it's about Sean and people like Anna. (Although FYI, it's the Children's Cancer Institute of Australia).

Really simple, but very impactful.


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The Navy Christian said...

I have got to get better about this! My latest thank you notes were horrible. Thank you so much for the great example!