Thursday, March 19, 2009

Practice what you preach agencies...

It’s fairly easy to refer to Jeff Brook’s and his daily musings over at Donor Power Blog. He so often hits the mark it’s frightening.

So I was doing lots of head nodding in agreement as I read Jeff’s latest post on breaking down the walls in charities.

In this posting, he talks about that dreaded and all too common disease within charities, silo mentality. To be frank this exists in every country I have worked in.

But I wanted to take that a step further and talk not just about charities breaking down silos and bringing fundraising, communications and campaigning all together, but what about us in the agency world?

I get annoyed when I hear that “this agency wouldn’t talk to this agency” or “ they won’t let agency X come to that meeting”. Get over yourselves people. The battles about protecting your turf are hurting your clients, they are hurting your clients donors and ultimately they are hurting your own business.

If DM, phone, face to face, TV and new media agencies work together for the greater good, then this can only be a good thing.

Clients get better service, donors get a more seamless journey, clients raise more money, donors help more beneficiaries and guess what? Your agency will likely get more work in the end anyway.

So let’s practice what we preach. If we’re constantly drilling into clients the benefits of a more seamless and integrated approach, let’s walk the walk.


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