Saturday, February 28, 2009

A new way of learning...

I post quite a lot about professional development. It's something I am passionate about.

Great fundraisers are great fundraisers because they absorb lots.

So I'm always intrigued by new learning opportunities, none more so at the moment than the new initiative being piloted by the Resource Alliance as they are about to undertake their first 1st International Fundraising eConference.

It is believed this is the world’s first fully web-based international fundraising conference featuring three days of state-of-the-art knowledge about fundraising on the Internet.

And if you ask me, it looks like bloody good value at $US275. Considering you could have 15 colleagues all logging in wherever they are in the world, this looks like a real winner.

Three days of really solid and practical training from the likes of Scott Goldstein from the Obama campaign, Nick Allen from Donor Digital in the US, Marcelo Iniarra who runs his own consultancy in Argentina, whom I am led to believe is a brilliant presenter - as well as plenaries from the drivers behind online fundraising at Kiva and the nonprofit arm of youtube.

Let's face it, digital/online sessions are always the most heavily attended sessions at any reputable fundraising conference these days.

And I know that when we should be increasing the spend on professional development, many are slashing it. This is a real worry.

So there is no excuse. $275 for three days of brilliant learning opportunities for you and your colleagues from the comfort of your own office. Fantastic!

I'd suggest signing up now, putting on the kettle, find a nice comfortable chair and absorb as much as you can.


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