Friday, June 17, 2011

More great examples of saying thank you

The subject of great thank you's has been covered a lot in this blog. A few months back I posed this great example from Médecins Sans Frontières Canada.

Earlier this week preparing for a workshop with a client I went searching for some recent examples of simple, but effective thank you communications.

I stumbled across the following two.

The first here is from Operation Smile in the US. I love it because it does all of the things a sincere thank you should do. Says the words thank you, makes the link between you, the donor, and the impact they're having, shares the love from both staff and benefactors, and is truly authentic.

I particularly love the fact that it doesn't feel too fabricated, it's a little raw. And that's more endearing.

Take a peek.

The second one is from an organisation called the Aspinall Foundation, a conservation group in the UK.

Their's is a little quirky and fun, but also hits the nail on the head. They show you the work you're helping to make happen, they make a direct link, and it's also really warm and you can't help but like the guys presenting.

Check it out below.

You could do worse than replicating what these two org's have done here.


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