Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't give me an excuse not to donate

Enjoyed Jeff Brook's post today about fundraising words we don't like.

It got me thinking about 'excuses'. I reckon in direct response we offer too many ways to 'get out'.

Excuses not to respond. Like reminders of tough financial times, or other significant events that may take precedence. Don't provide an easy way out. I need to feel this is the most important thing I've heard, seen or read today.

Excuses to put something down, turn away.
Perhaps in frustration or annoyance. Like cumbersome and clumsy words. Trying to be too clever comes across that way. It can make me feel uneasy, even angry. But don't open the door for me to walk away.

You've got my attention, don't allow it to wane.


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