Friday, September 4, 2009

Who gives a toss about charity salaries?

Well, lots of people do.


Because they think that they should and that's what they've been told, taught or led to believe.

But frankly, who cares?

If someone hypothetically earns $300k a year, they should be judged on the value they bring to that organization? It is irrelevant if the entity is 'for' or 'non' profit.

I'd argue someone who turns a $10m organization into a $100m one can sleep pretty tightly earning a few hundred thousand dollars a year. Pretty simple logic.

I've mentioned in previous postings the brilliant work of Dan Pallotta and his ground breaking book Uncharitable.

If you haven't yet read it, do it. And get a copy for every one of your board members

In the meantime check out Dan talking about the book and why the hell we need to challenge the paradigm in the way we operate, including turning the attention away from costs, looking at the value someone or something delivers. Click here to view an interview with Dan.


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