Thursday, August 20, 2009

'You' can all learn from Swedish trade unions...

Just over a year ago I posted a blog entitled, Its not you, it's me.

No prizes for guessing what it was about. The value of talking about your donors, and not you (your organization).

I was drawn to think about this today when I read some test results from a copy test conducted by a Swedish trade union on their website. Yes, you read that correctly. A Swedish trade union.

In short, the head to head test showed that bullet points with strong “you” oriented copy convinced 16% more visitors to apply for membership.

Click here for more detail including the results.

Wow, who would have thought, huh?

Remember the Aussie organization I talked about back in June that used the words 'I' and 'you' 50 times in a four page letter? No coincidence the letter doubled income from the previous year.

Alas, if a Swedish trade union knows it should talks to its members rather than talk at it's members, then I reckon you can all follow suit.



John Lepp said...

hmmm - go figure eh Jonathon? Can I plug my video which highlighted a similar sentiment? Thanks...

Eunice Jones said...

Here's another video about joining a trade union