Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I've succumbed to the pressure. Tweet, tweet...

But let's make it very clear.

I won't be telling you that I just had vegemite on my toast or that I've just downloaded some new songs onto my iPod.

My twitter account is focused on bringing me closer to those in my sector. (I've heard it all before you twitter nuts are crying..)

As a social experiment and less than 24 hours in, I'm blown away by its viral powers. A little freaked out at the same time at some of the people and organization's who are already 'following me'. Strange because it never bothered me that people followed my blog, but weirdly I don't as yet feel the same about twitter.

Anyway for fear of becoming a technophobe I'm giving it a shot. Let's see how many interesting tidbits of information I can uncover, the number of people I can connect and share with and fundamentally, does it open me up to things and people I wouldn't have otherwise come across?

Oh, and I did have vegemite on my toast this morning.


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Kimberley MacKenzie said...

I'm so glad you told me about your breakfast. That's part of it! Work/play/mundane the combination builds relationships!

My first blog post after joining twitter was very similar to this one.

Someone wrote about the seven phases of twitter users. Anyone remember who that was?