Friday, April 3, 2009

Social networks and strategic alliances: the 'word' from a fundraising guru

Well, I’m back in Toronto and pondering my first trip to New Orleans.

Day 2 was full of meeting lots of interesting people in the hallways and after sessions.

I went to a session about using blogs to fundraise. Some interesting stuff there, whilst fairly basic. But some real pragmatic advice about how to use blogs to your organizations advantage and some simple tips to actually raising some money on the back of it.

I quite enjoyed Ted Hart’s session on Success Online. Not least because for someone’s whose career has centered around online fundraising and who has made a living on the back it, said the following:

“You don’t have to have social networks integrated into your fundraising to succeed right now”.

Hallelujah! Well said Ted. Let’s face it, Ted has a vested interest in the online space but was prepared to say that. Respect!

He did go on to say that he felt it will play a big role, granted. But pointed out that there was no point trying to be clever with peripheral things like social media if you haven’t got your house in order with genuine online and offline integration in the first place.

What I also liked about Ted’s session was that right upfront when talking about how he felt charities should manage these times is to seriously consider mergers and strategic alliances. Very poignant and link’s to Sean Triner’s blog from yesterday on this very matter.

Yesterday I delivered my session which went well. The attendees were a good bunch and I had fun.

All in all a worthwhile few days.


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