Friday, October 17, 2008

Recession hitting home?

I've heard stories in the past that the real threat of climate change didnt hit home with Alexander Downer, one of former Aussie PM John Howards' Senior Ministers until it was 35 degrees (celsius) one September day in Adelaide a couple of years back. Now for those not from down under, 35 degrees in September is unheard of.

I had my 35 degree day yesterday.

We had been negotiating with a particular supplier for some time on a certain contract and getting much the same result for the last few months. They had been kicking their heels in on the length of the term. We wanted shorter, they wanted longer.

Until yesterday when I got a welcome reprieve, an email something to the effect of.. "It seems that current market conditions are helping to manage the expectations..."

Bingo. There it was. This was the first time I had actually been in the midst of the economy hitting home.

Not having any real personal interest in the share market (except for mine and some relatives superannuation schemes which has had taken a hit because of recent stock crashes) - I still hadnt born the brunt of the global crisis, until now.

So what? Where does leave charities and fundraisers though?

At Pareto Fundraising we are on the front foot on this one and my boss, Sean Triner has just released his own plan for tackling these tough times. In fact I strongly urge you to follow his ten point plan to managing fundraising in a recession - a must read.

There will more on this, but for now get onto the ten point plan.


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