Friday, August 1, 2008

Sole fundraisers flying the flag..

I meet some incredibly brilliant and inspiring people in my job. Actually sometimes I feel too fortunate to call it a 'job', but I digress...

More often than not these dynamic and great people are working as 'sole fundraisers' for various organizations.

I sometimes wonder what their job description says because I am sure that besides the obvious fundraising duties it must include everything from being able to deliver miracles from nothing, be expected to win wars that can't be won and all the time remembering that they are there to changes lives.

They really are the 'jack of all trades'.

But I would love to see more fundraisers from small/single 'shops' out and about, beating their chest, sharing what they have to offer with the rest of the sector.

You don't have to work for a large national or multinational nonprofit to be a leader, to have the runs on the board.

That's right, I'm calling on you wonderful people to stand up and be proud of what you do. Show off your brilliant fundraising efforts on websites such as SOFII, put your hand up to speak at industry conferences such as AFP's Congress and just generally 'get amongst it'.

Ok, I should finish now, I'm starting to rant using Aussie 'slang'...



John Lepp said...

I agree Jonathon. From my desk it looks as if more charities are cluing into the benefits of working with a smaller team of a fundraiser/writer and designer. Some of my most satisfying jobs in the past year have been the result of this type of relationship - and I think the charities I've worked with would agree.

Jonathon Grapsas said...

Thanks John for your comments, appreciated.

Seems like we have similar experiences, I meet some fantastic people doing stellar jobs in difficult circumstances. And I think its time we pushed these people into the spotlight to share their stories!